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In Nutrition Pharma's line of products, you will find everything that you need for your Health, your Beauty and your Silhouette.
It is your choice to opt among our functional drinks, our innovating "ACTIONCAP®" which adapts itself onto your bottle of water or also our traditional "pill-boxes".

Specialists in food complements
To improve and maintain your health capital

Our innovations are the results of hard work from our nutrition specialists and researchers.

Nowadays, our food being too rich, fat and too sweet or basically too unbalanced, brings us only 25% of the essential nutrients to our organism. The food complements developed by Nutrition Pharma are the ideal answer to the "diseases of the century" thanks to its wide and innovating range.

All the products designed and marketed by Nutrition Pharma answer to a precise and ethical charter:

Respect of your wellbeing: We privilege the transparency and the proximity; this is why you will find, in us, an interlocutor concerned of your satisfaction and always at your disposal.
Naturalism: we use ingredients of natural origin and without GMO's. We are in constant search of new ideas. Our advantage is to be able to choose among the ingredients and the active ingredients that nature offers and consequently to choose the best for your body and health!
Quality: we work only with raw materials of controlled origin, rigorously selected for their properties while respecting the European standards of food safety.
Effectiveness: to guarantee their effectiveness and their safety, our formulas are developed by an important research centre.

Health through plants

Phytotherapy is the natural care of your body.
From the Greek "phyton": plant, and "therapeuein": to look after, phytotherapy is the art to look after yourself with the help of plants. We have always used plants in our everyday life. In the past centuries mankind had to learn to differentiate the toxic plants and the therapeutic ones. Thanks to this, a lot of our medicines are based on plants. Phytotherapy is an alternative medicine with plants as active ingredients.

Nutrition Pharma searched for the best of these active ingredients, with preventive and curative properties in order to use them in our food complements.
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