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ActionCap® is an innovating and efficient concept giving the perfect solution for absorbing nutrition supplements, vitamins, minerals or any other active ingredient
It allows an immediate consumption in a healthy, clean and safe way! The ActionCap® is easy to use and effective for functional and flavoured drinks.

The unique system and advanced technology of ActionCap® offers the perfect option to ready-to-drink beverages.
The ActionCap® is the ultimate solution for absorption alternatives for pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional supplement!
ActionCap® opens a new window of opportunities for beverage manufacturers!

The right time for quality and action... ActionCap®
The ActionCap® can be adapted to any bottle of mineral water, just twist the cap onto the bottle, shake and your water is transformed into a nutritional beverage.
Inside the ActionCap® the active ingredients are released only once the cap is twisted onto the bottle, which allows immediate consumption and improved absorption. ActionCap® is a patented product with a unique dispensing closure.

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