Who are we ?
Born from where innovation meets nutritional research, Nutrition Pharma offers tailored solutions for health, beauty and wellbeing.
The aim of our young, avant-garde and ambitious team is to draw on the scientific advances of the past few years to develop products that are in constant harmony with our personal wellbeing and our environment.
"We offer a diverse range of quality products suited to these needs, which draw on the beneficial effects found in plants and in nature generally. Our strength also lies in our scientific, technical and commercial know-how and expertise which we make available to the major players in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to enable them to conceive, achieve and finally develop products and product lines par excellence."
Our Philosophy
"The vigor of a tree is not determined by the number or the length of its branches, but by the depth and the health of its roots."
Gustave Thibon - L’équilibre et l’harmonie, 1976.
Our inspiration is rooted in our preventive (rather than curative) view of Asian medicine, which places special emphasis on nutrition, body care and wellbeing. According to Zen philosophy, harmony is achieved when the body and the spirit are perfectly balanced, and it is from the spirit that health and vitality flows. Our mission is therefore to maintain our health by giving our bodies the specific care that Nutrition Pharma has researched and developed.
However, this balance can never be achieved unless we are aware that we are all a part of this planet that we have a duty to protect. We at Nutrition Pharma have always made the respect and protection of the environment a priority, and this is reflected in our use of recyclable materials and our research into biotechnology.
Thus our philosophy is to regain control of our bodies and our world, so we can become protagonists of our own lives.
Asset and skills
Enhancement of the action of the principle active ingredients found in plants and in nature as a whole. The complementarity of our Group's different skill sets ensures we can master every single stage from product design through to its sale. Proven design and packaging expertise A constant drive to innovate in the areas of food, health and wellbeing research. A multi-ethnic team to better understands and interprets the needs of an international customer base. We actively participate in ecological work and in the preservation of our planet by using recyclable materials and by developing our biotechnology research work.
Luca Sartori - Co-Founder & President, Chief Executive Officer
Olivier Hurtevent - Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development
Benedetta Boaretto - Co-Founder, Global Communications & Public Affairs
David Maclachlan - Market and Product Advisor
Dominic Mc Vey - Market and Product Advisor
Stéphanie Lafourcade - Project Manager
Alain Mierczuk - Public Relations
Karolin Jacobson - Sales Manager & Customer Support
Carlo Casaccia - IT and Marketing manager
Cédric Pucheu - Marketing manager and Webmaster
Emilie Laurier - Product Management and Marketing
Press Releases
Our Group
Nutrition Pharma was founded in 2002; we are currently a market leader in the field of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products with a deep attention to all kind of innovation in term of raw material quality control and use of new device, distributed at pharmacists and health food stores.

Our extensive range meets all of the needs of consumers and covers the main market sectors of well-being, beauty and slimness.
Nutrition Pharma is part of a multidisciplinary Group whose areas of expertise cover a very wide range of disciplines.
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