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Does "ACTIONCAP®" adapt to all kinds of water bottles?
ACTIONCAP® can be adapted to any bottle of mineral water

Is it easy to use ACTIONCAP®?
Yes, just twist the cap onto the bottle, shake and your water is transformed into a nutritional beverage.

Why use the Hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic Acid is a biological skin moisturizer which attracts and retains about 70% of its own weight in water inside the skin’s intercellular structure for improved moisturization and soft skin resulting in less wrinkles.

Which are the advantages of the components Haloxyl and Eyeliss?
Prevention of dark circles under the eyes
The function performed by Haloxyl®, a biotechnological polypeptide capable of reducing circles under the eyes by 29%. Also prevents accumulation of haemoglobin and the products of its degradation (bilrubin, biliverdin and iron), the primary cause of circles under the eyes.
Prevention of puffiness
The presence of Eyeliss® flavonoids and peptides in the association effectively helps prevent and fight puffiness. This active ingredient reduces the problem 34%, improving lymph drainage and extra cellular fluid circulation.

Which are the results of the test of effectiveness for the products My Eyes Stick and My Eyes Active?
Test carried out on 20 volunteers aged from 25 to 60.
The product was used each day throughout 30 days, in the morning and in the evening on perfectly cleaned skin.
Conclusion: The use of the product acted in a positive way to attenuate the dark circles and puffiness. The products are appreciated by the volunteers who all tolerated the products well. They also found the products effective and pleasant.
Reduction of puffiness: Day 15: -34,1%
Day 30: -36,4%
Reduction of the dark circles: Day 15: -23,5%
Day 30: -29,4%

The disposable Cloth Mask are they really 100% from biological culture biological?
Absolutely, all disposable cloth masks have "vegetable extracts resulting at 100% from biological culture"
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